To Glimmer or Not To Glimmer?

To Glimmer or Not to Glimmer?

Listening to many of my followers on Facebook one would think that the glimmering vampires in Twilight should be outlawed. To be honest with you, I’m glad they’re not outlawed simply because it would take a writer’s creative side away. We must have the freedom to create and do new things or else storytelling would become mundane. That being said, I simply don’t understand the glimmering vampire. I am guilty of watching the series and reading the first book. Honestly there are parts of the story I liked. I liked the conflict between the werewolves and vampires for the love of a girl. Being a teacher of Native American history I loved the aspect of bringing Native folklore into the mix even though once again, Native Americans lose. (Really, what is the difference between the Natives getting ousted by the army in any and all John Wayne movies or them losing out to a pasty glimmering waif of a vampire? Can’t the Native freaking win in anyone’s fiction??) Mainly, what I don’t like about the story is more than just the glimmer, it’s the flatness.

What flatness you might ask. I think that many of my followers already know what is coming. I was always under the assumption that, both as a reader and a writer, the main character should grow during the story. The protagonist and the antagonist must be three dimensional. There must be something to their character. I believe the reader demands that and darn well deserves it. What fun is it to have characters that have one want or urge or interest. We find the main character in Twilight totally and completely flat. Oh, I love you and I hate my life, please kill me so that I can live with you forever. Did I miss something here? If I did please comment and let me know. At the beginning of the book we have the boring brooding female character that may as well have come out of the prop closet of any high school drama club across America. What do we have at the end of the book you might ask, that’s right, the very same character who hasn’t changed or gained anything and still wants to be dead so she can be with her pasty white glimmering vampire. The scary thing here I believe is that the author became a multimillionaire for that.

Don’t get me wrong, glimmering vampires are the other thing that leaves me floundering in modern day fiction. One of my followers talked to me about this subject and wondered about what happened to Nesforatu. I have to say I also wonder about that. I grew up in an era where vampires were the bad guys. They were not supposed to the center of a love story and on the side of the living. Now they glimmer and hunt animals so they can fit into society. What is scary about that? I certainly hope that the book buying public has had it up to their eyeballs with the vampires who want to make nice nice and want something real. I hope they want a vampire who makes them sleep with the lights on once again and is worthy of my website,

Do you want, as I do, more than a flat character with non-scary vampires? If your answer is yes, then this is the reason why I am writing Airship Down. My main character, and favorite protagonist so far, is Billy the Kid. Billy is a confused lonely character who needs companionship, but has a very difficult time trusting. He was orphaned at a young age in the middle of the Wild West and resorted to violence for survival. Hardened by life he starts out with nothing but his six gun and horse for companionship. Lucky for him, he is befriended, in real life and in my book, by the group who later become The Regulators and fight the real bad guys in Lincoln County New Mexico. In my book however the bad guys are vampires. Nasty vampires with sophisticated steampunk inventions who enslave people and do drastic and grotesque things. They are led by none other than Pat Garrett himself the surliest and most deadly of all the vampires who control almost everyone in the county including, unbeknownst to Billy, the young girl with which he falls in love. There are many twists and turns along the way including great battles between steampunk vampires and The Regulators. There are also subplots that deal with Pat Garrett’s plans to use his steampunk inventions on a national scale. Can Billy trust enough to fall in love? Can Sallie break away from Garrett’s control to return Billy’s love and maintain his trust? Will Pat Garrett be able to aid The Confederacy with his Steampunk inventions before Billy inadvertently thwarts his efforts? These are all questions that will be addressed in the first volume of Airship Down due out this summer. One thing is certain, my vampires are respectable hardened nasty vampires who don’t glimmer!

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