About Chris

Spending my life bouncing back and forth between southern California and New Jersey, I have come across many very interesting people and had a vast array of memorable experiences. Working with the public, including the rental car business, my father's diner, and later evovling into a teacher of Native American history, criminology, and special education, has also allowed me to draw upon experiences that reveal too much about human behavior. The writing that you will come across in my stories reflects many of the different personalities and settings have I have come across first hand. Of course I have never come across a demon, witch, the devil himself or a serial killer. The persoinalities each of them display however do reflect human nature in some small way either good or bad. I hope that you enjoy these stories and wonder just who you know that may display some of these characteristics, for those are the truly scary stories each of us have come across.

Welcome To Scary Reads

Love horror, ghost, or stories about the paranormal?  Then look no further than the books listed on this site and comeback and check out those that are on their way.  The books I write are sure to scare the daylights out of you while you keep reading, not being able to put them down. Completely entertaining you, they won’t drain your pockets, leaving you money to pay for the lights that are kept on for many nights to come.  Please read them if you dare and come back for more as soon as they hit your Kindle.  Make sure you subscribe to this website so you know when your next scary experience is coming. Until then, make sure you always check under your bed or in your closet. Sweet Dreams…